Adding More Storage Room To Your Shed

It’s funny but it seems like whenever we build ourselves a storage shed or find more space in the garage it is quickly taken up by stuff. One good way to increase floorspace is to find a useful method of using the space above the floor. When you’re planning to build a shed you should keep this in mind. Make sure you build a high enough roof on your shed to either build rafters or have an heavy lift system.

If you’re opting for the heavy lift system I’ve found a good one that I like very much. One reason I like heavy lift systems better than fixed storage on the roof is that as your needs change you can raise it or lower it. Being able to raise it makes it much easier to put things on it and get things off of it. You’ll be surprised at how much floor space a heavy lift will save you. This is the one that I have in my storage shed

I actually used a combination of rafters on the backside of the shed and put the heavy lift in the front part of my shed. By placing the heavy lift on the front of my shed I have access to the things that I need most often while the rafters in the back of the shed allow me to store things that I don’t use very often for long periods of time.

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