Before You Build A Shed


Before you build a shed.

Check to make sure if you are allowed to build a shed on your property with the city and your CC&Rs “covenants conditions and restrictions”. Once you establish that you are allowed to build a shed on your property you’ll also need to know if there are any size restrictions on the shed you want to build.  It would be a shame to build a shed only to have to tear it back down after all the time and money you put into it.

One of the most important things you can do before you build your shed is to mark off the area that the shed will be in with white chalk or paint. Many people get excited and want to jump right in. This could be a big mistake because you really need to mark off the area and visualize what the area would look like with the shed built on it.

Make sure that you’ve checked your sprinklers and make all the necessary changes to keep them from putting water on your shed or worse yet turning on underneath your shed. If you need to do any type of digging on your property you must call 811 so that the utilities can be marked off so you don’t accidentally damage one. Calling  811 is a free service and using it could save your life and thousands of dollars. For more information on 811 you can go to their website

Don’t forget to calculate how much the shed will cost you. The best way to do this is to have plans that show a parts list and then priced out how much it’s going to cost you.

When it comes to building a large shed you’re going to need some help. Some people get a big surprise once they put the walls together and realize how heavy they are. The only way to safely put it up is with the help of someone else. I highly recommend you not try to do this by yourself.



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How To Build A Shed Without Plans

If you want to build a shed without plans you are probably going to run into some problems. One thing is for sure if you never built a shed and you are not sure what goes into it this could be a recipe for disaster.

One problem you definitely are going to run into is not knowing how much lumber and other materials to buy. One solution that may help you is to buy a good construction calculator. You will still need to know the different parts to build shed. You might want to take a look at one of my previous posts that offer free shed plans. If you download the free shed plans you will know a little bit more about what is needed to create a shed. Once you understand all that goes into building a shed then you will have a better chance of allowing your creativity to make the shed the way you wanted.

Calculated Industries 4065 Construction Master Pro Advanced Construction Math Calculator

I know the name of this post is “How To Build Sheds Without Plans”, but it was actually created to help you understand that you probably need plans. If you download the free plans from my earlier post you should be able to tweak them and make them into something you would like better. I personally think you’re better off buying the full set of plans to give you more choices. The plans don’t cost that much and could save you hundreds even thousands of dollars.

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Framing Square, This Week’s Tool Of The Week

When it comes to building a shed one place that many people have a problems is how to create the roof pitch. The one tool that will make this possible for you is the framing square. Once you understand how to use a framing square all of the mysteries of roof pitch will be solved.

I can’t think of any better person to explain this than Tim Carter from this guy is amazing and if you’re thinking about building anything I would highly recommend checking out his site. He has a video that really explains how simple it is to create the pitch of your roof with a framing square. Here is the Video

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Free Shed Plans

It’s not often that you find something for free on Internet. When we do find something for free on Internet often times the quality is not as expected. That’s why when I found these free shed plans I was pleasantly surprised. The only problem with these free shed plans is that they were for a 10 x 12 shed and I wanted to build something a little bigger. I was however blown away with the quality of the plans themselves. The free shed plans were in color and very informative.

If you’re looking for shed plans for a 10 x 12 shed the free shed plans that I mentioned above might work well for you. I and the other hand wanted to build a bigger shed and opted to buy the whole shed plan kit. Once again I was surprised because the free shed plans were clean and very detailed but the purchased shed plans even better. If you’re looking to build your own shed you can’t go wrong with these shed plans.

One other thing that I found to be very good with these free shed plans was that they came with the complete parts list. It’s one thing to have plans, but it’s another when they detail all the parts needed as well as how to put them together.

Once your ready just click the ad below and a form will be on the page. All you will need is a email address and your first name. There is no obligation to buy anything.

New Banner 300x250

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Adding More Storage Room To Your Shed

It’s funny but it seems like whenever we build ourselves a storage shed or find more space in the garage it is quickly taken up by stuff. One good way to increase floorspace is to find a useful method of using the space above the floor. When you’re planning to build a shed you should keep this in mind. Make sure you build a high enough roof on your shed to either build rafters or have an heavy lift system.

If you’re opting for the heavy lift system I’ve found a good one that I like very much. One reason I like heavy lift systems better than fixed storage on the roof is that as your needs change you can raise it or lower it. Being able to raise it makes it much easier to put things on it and get things off of it. You’ll be surprised at how much floor space a heavy lift will save you. This is the one that I have in my storage shed

I actually used a combination of rafters on the backside of the shed and put the heavy lift in the front part of my shed. By placing the heavy lift on the front of my shed I have access to the things that I need most often while the rafters in the back of the shed allow me to store things that I don’t use very often for long periods of time.

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10 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Shed

People build sheds for many reasons. One of the main reasons people build sheds is because they are running out of room in their house. Even if your house has plenty of room you may want to consider building a storage shed.

1. Building a storage shed usually requires more than one person which makes it a great family project.

2. Storage sheds are great places to store gardening tools and periodically needed items.

3. A beautiful storage shed is not only functional it will add beauty to your backyard.

4. Storage sheds give you the ability to move outdoor items out of the sun and rain to protect them until needed.

5. You will be able to move the lawnmowers out of the garage so you can park your car’s inside.

6. Having your own storage means you don’t have to rent storage space from someone else saving you money.

7. having your own storage shed gives you the convenience of just walking out and getting your stuff instead of driving to a storage center.

8. When you finish building your shed you will feel a great accomplishment knowing that you built it yourself.

9. By building your own shed you’ll save money and know the quality of the materials used to build it.

10. Building storage sheds is fun And rewarding.

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Shed Building Tool Of The Week

Let’s face it no matter what you’re building you will build it better with high-quality tools. When it comes to building a storage shed or a breadbox the better your tools the better the outcome. When it comes to ripping lumber my favorite circular saw is the Milwaukee 6394-21 I love this saw for  its precision and power.


If your serious about building a storage shed there are three major things that you will need. You’ll need good plans, A good parts list and great tools by making sure you have these three things your project will come out better, keep you safer and save you money.

Another quick tip is a when you buy any tool no matter how much experience you have you should always completely read the manual that is dedicated to that particular tool before using it. Also by reading the manual you learn the ins and outs of that particular tool making it safer and often times exposing you to features you didn’t even know it had.



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Building Sheds Easy

If you’re like me you have looked all over the place for easy shed building plans. At the home and garden centers I found a vast array of books on the subject and I bought a few, but there was always something missing. I mean I would look through the books in the store and think to myself I can do this. The books made it look so easy. The problems start after you start reading. They never seem to go into enough detail to really get the job done. I would find myself eagerly reading page after page until I hit a page that just didn’t make any sense. I would ask myself why did they leave out that little detail? They also never seemed to have complete plans just a few short diagrams leaving me to try and figure out the parts that I couldn’t see.  I’m just glad that I was smart enough to read it through before I started building the shed. The book was supposed to save me money building my own shed but I’m sure it would have cost me a lot of money and a few trees their lives in vain.

Now that I’ve told you about my frustration. I would like to tell you about what worked for me. I found these easy to follow plans on the Internet. I was skeptical but as I read on I found that what they were saying really made sense. I mean these were real plans very detailed and written in words I could understand. They gave me all the information I needed to build a beautiful shed. Not only was all the information there but there were more designs for sheds than I knew even existed in the world. I had access to them all with complete step-by-step instructions for each one. All the pictures were beautiful and very detailed and easy for me to understand.


Building a Shed Just Got Easy!
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